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Taijiquan & Qigong
Taijiquan, often generically referred to as 'Tai Chi' or 'Tai Qi', is an ancient art form China based on self-defence applications, and this slow moving form of exercise, relaxation and training is growing more and more popular in the West. Taijiquan (meaning 'supreme energy fist') is an art of self-discipline based on the philosophy of Yin and Yang. Taijiquan can be considered a moving meditation, promoting inner relaxation and strength if practised regularly. Taijiquan can be practised almost anywhere, and can be seen being practised all over the world. It involves slow, graceful movements and promotes inner relaxation and harmony, perfect for any age, gentle and healing for the body and calming for the mind.
Again, there are numerous methods of Taijiquan, and hundreds of various forms. The Taijiquan taught at the Kung Fu Academy is used as a balance to either the external force of Shaolin Kung Fu, or the sedentary lifestyles we so often fall into in the West.
To begin with, the student is taught Taijiquan Walking, and is then taken through the International Yang Style 24 step form. Once this is completed, the student can continue to the 32 step Yang Style Tai Qi Sword form, then the 48 step Yang Style form. From there students are taken further on an individual and personal basis according to their goals in Taijiquan, such as the Chen Style sword form, and the Hunyuan Taijiquan curriculum. 
Classes are taught by Shi Fu Teja A. Jaensch, and are held on Saturday mornings from 8am - 9am. The class starts with a warm up, and then students pair off to go through Pushing Hands exercises. Then the whole class works together on their Qigong and Taijiquan. It is important to wear something comfortable and loose, like a loose t-shirt and tracksuit pants. Uniforms are available from the Kung Fu Academy, but are not compulsory.

Benefits of Taijiquan & Qigong

Many people come in and ask 'what is Qigong, and more importantly, what are its benefits for me?'. Firstly, “Qi” (pronounced 'chee', often incorrectly written as 'Chi', which means 'to eat' in Chinese) means "air" or "breath", or “light energy”. Gong means "working of" or "effort", or “labour”. Thus Qigong means "the working of air or breath", or “working with energy”. It is the conscious and systematic development of the vital energy of the body. This may sound mystical, but in reality is a very pragmatic form of standing/sitting meditation and gentle exercise, involving special breathing techniques. In China, and now all over the world, Qigong is used as a way to keep ones body fit and healthy and to promote a long life. There are many different forms of Qigong, however the idea behind the practice of Qigong is the same, to build up internal energy. The Qigong taught at the Kung Fu Academy in Castle Hill focuses on preventing disease, promoting health and prolonging life.

To begin with, students are taken through the 18 movements of Qigong, called “Qigong Shi Ba Shi”. This set of movements involve concentration on breathing and relaxing while moving the arms and legs. Compared to Taijiquan, this is a relatively stationary form of movements. Once the various movements are mastered, the student starts to focus energy in order to draw in positive forces and breath out the negatives in ones life, whether they be physical ailments or emotional troubles.

Once a student is competent in Qigong Shi Ba Shi, they are taken on a more individual Qigong journey, using different movements and steps to gain further control of their bodies and lives. Some examples include seated Qigong, Lohan Qigong, and Hunyuan Qigong.


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