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Our academy is well known for its weaponry skills. With a variety of weapons which include Straight Sword, Single and Double Broadsword, Pole, Spear, Pu Dao and Butterfly Swords, it can be very hard to attempt to learn all of them within one life time. 
Once you complete a weapon course you must maintain and improve your skills. When ready, you can grade on the weapon form at your next grading.
As a part of your training and path to attaining your Black Sash, you must pass at least 3 different weapon gradings.


Benefits of Weapons

  • Understand various weapons and their applications
  • Learn and participate in the cultural legacy of Kung Fu
  • Train up for and compete in local and national tournaments

Weapons Video Gallery

  • China trip teaser

Our Fees

Weaponry classes are held in a seminar format. Regular seminars are available, running over 6-8 weeks. Prices vary according to the weapon and length of the course. Please contact Julie in the office for more information 9899 9758.

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