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Wushu and Sanda
Wushu means "War Art", a title given to modern Chinese martial arts. At the Kung Fu Academy, you will learn the basics of Wushu within your Kung Fu training. If you wish to take your Wushu training to the next level, our instructor Laoshi Zhang Chongwei will be able to take you all the way!
Laoshi Zhang Chongwei is a champion Wushu practitioner from the Shanghai Wushu team. He currently teaches both Wushu and Sanda (Chinese mixed sparring) in Chatswood.
Please call Julie in the office for more information: 9899 9758

Benefits of Wushu and Sanda

  • Extreme athleticism
  • Gymnastics and acrobatics
  • Varied weaponry
  • Performance and tournament opportunities

Wushu and Sanda Video Gallery

  • Shaolin Ssu Kung fu academy China trip 08

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