Lao Shi Sarah Arratoon

Lao Shi Sarah Arratoon

Co-Director of the Kung Fu Academy


Instructor Profiles

Lao Shi Sarah is a senior Black Sash Kung Fu and Taijiquan instructor whose appreciation for martial arts is equally distributed between Kung Fu, Taijiquan and everything in between.  Lao Shi Sarah joined the Academy in 2004 as a quiet, unnoticeable, really rather sweet girl.   Through her love of training, Lao Shi Sarah attained her Black Sash in August 2008.  She is  currently on her third red tip and working towards her Red Sash.  She attributes her  confidence, patience and perseverance to learning kung fu and making genuine friends at the  academy.  Lao Shi Sarah is still relatively sweet, just not so quiet anymore.  Lao Shi Sarah  takes every chance afforded her to work on wooden dummy techniques, and brush up on  weapons forms.  She has travelled to China on each occasion and brought home with her new  forms and techniques from each school we have visited.  Without Taiji, she believes she  would only be half a martial artist.  When Lao Shi Sarah is not training, she is hanging out  with her dog, trying to maintain her garden, spending time with family and friends, and most  likely trying to avoid being indoors at every opportunity.  Lao Shi Sarah loves getting the  chance to travel, New York, being her most recent conquest.  Neither she nor Manhattan will  ever be the same again!


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