2018 KFA Annual Dinner and Awards Night!

2018 KFA Annual Dinner and Awards Night!
Date: 04 August 2018

When: Saturday 8th September, 6.30pm

Where: Lilys, Seven Hills

Prices: Adults and kids $65, Peewees $45


Come join us for a fun evening of fine food, music and our annual awards presentations. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be presented from the KFA Tournament 2018, High Achiever and Sigong Awards are announced, along with the new KFA Champion. This year is very special.


This year marks the first Red Sash that Shifu Teja will award (all prior Red Sash recipients were awarded by the late Sigong Keith I. Blackburn), and it will be the first Red Sash in our style awarded to a female. Come along and congratulate Laoshi Sarah as she becomes Shifu Sarah!