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Kung Fu for All Ages

Kung Fu for All Ages
The Kung Fu Academy accepts children 5 years and older.
Kung Fu will teach your child discipline, self control, self respect and respect for others in a fun and friendly atmosphere. 
Kicks and punches are used for motivation, not aggression.  Students become motivated to get fit, have fun, make friends, and learn how to defend themselves.  
The idea of violence being a poor substituted for intelligence is a key theme in our classes.
The kids’ classes are tailored to develop and enhance their coordination, balance, strength, and concentration.
Self-esteem, confidence and a positive image develops through gaining control of one self.
Kung Fu training will help you on many levels. While you learn the practicalities of defending yourself from outward attacks, this translates
inward to help you cope with and respond to life's stresses. Instead of 'reacting' inappropriately, your Kung Fu training permeates every aspect of your life,
and you learn to keep Centred. You will become both physically and mentally fit, strong and resilient!


Benefits of Kung Fu for All Ages

  • Pee Wee classes for ages 5-11
  • Kids Classes for ages 12 - 16
  • Adults Classes for ages 17 and up
  • Taijiquan Classes for everyone!


Kung Fu for All Ages Video Gallery

  • Shaolin Ssu Kung fu academy China trip 08
  • Kung Fu Academy Combat Promo
  • Kung Fu Academy
  • Teja Jaensch Hunyuan Taiji
  • China trip teaser
  • Original KFA promo
  • Hunyuan Taijiquan Foundations Form
  • Hunyuan Taijiquan 12 Form
  • Performance by Dage Julian D. Chan
  • Performance by Dage Julian D. Chan.

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