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Self Defense

Self Defense

What do you do if someone attacks you? How do you respond?

What if they punch you? Kick you? Grab you? Drag you? What if there are multiple attackers...? 

These questions may be behind your exploration into the martial arts, for either yourself or your children. And they are important questions.

Sigong Keith I. Blackburn's motto for the Kung Fu Academy was:

"It is better to know and not need, than to need and not know."

Once we teach you how to defend yourself, you end up less likley to need to defend yourself. This paradox manifests as you learn how to notice conflict early, and ways of avoiding it.

As you become more self-assured in your training, you will notice that your internal wellbeing improves as well. We are most likely to be attacked verbally and emotionally, and we must train our internal defenses as well.

Benefits of Self Defense

  • Defend yourself and your family
  • Teach your children how to take care of themselves
  • Learn how to avoid violence, and how not to contribute to it
  • Protect yourself from hand, leg, stick, knife and gun attacks
  • Learn how to defend yourself from multiple attackers
  • Reduce your natural 'reaction' to stress, and learn how to 'respond' appropriately

Self Defense Video Gallery

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