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Strength & Flexibility

Strength & Flexibility
Health is very important to us at the Kung Fu Academy.  Our aim is to be able to teach and practice Kung Fu and Taijiquan for decades to come.  To be able to maintain our practice, we have to look after our bodies. Our instructors modify the intesity of warm ups and training to suit your level of fitness and progress. We also place significant importance on limbering up at the beginning of class and stretching out at the end of class.  Building strength, developing cardiovascular capacity, gaining and maintaining flexibility are all integral for proper Kung Fu training and discipline.

Benefits of Strength & Flexibility

  • Develope flexibility and strength together simultaneously
  • Increase your fighting skill
  • Reduce the likelihood of injury

Strength & Flexibility Video Gallery

  • Shaolin Ssu Kung fu academy China trip 08
  • Kung Fu Academy Combat Promo
  • Kung Fu Academy
  • Teja Jaensch Hunyuan Taiji

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